Ethical Leadership in Business

Business leaders and managers face difficult ethical and moral questions daily, in both their business and their personal lives.  The choices they make to address ethical and moral issues can have a major impact on the well being of the business and all its stakeholders.

Ethical Leadership in Business is designed to make participants think deeply in a business leadership context about ethical and philosophical issues that can have a major impact on the well being of a business.  Many of these issues have no easy solution.  ELB is an interactive, case study and discussion-based course designed to be thought provoking across a range of business and leadership areas.

Cases from leading business schools in the U.S. and Asia, proprietary cases developed by Opera Advisors, and relevant short readings are selected to best meet the needs of participants in each class.  Cases are a mix of and industry business settings with international applicability.

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Ethical Leadership in Business
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