Managing Innovation

Innovation is the foundation of business success worldwide. And while iPhones and low-cost airlines are notable innovations, teams and companies worldwide make thousands of incremental improvements – innovations – to their products, services, and business processes daily that help keep them competitive and winning.
Managing Innovation is a three-day case study and simulation course that shows how innovative leaders build system-wide disciplined processes for inspiring and capturing innovation from their employees. To quote from Harvard Business Review, the best innovators aren't lone geniuses. They're people who can take an idea that's obvious in one context and apply it in not-so-obvious ways to a different context. The best companies have learned to systematize that process.

We combine Harvard Business School cases and simulations with our decades-long experience in benchmarking and innovative entrepreneurship to present actionable examples and ideas that your team will be able to put to work immediately. Cases are selected to best meet the needs of participants.  Cases are a mix of U.S. and international settings with global applicability and may be tailored for in-house seminars.

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