Tailored research

Our focused team of industry and financial analysts provide tailored research for our clients. We combine quantitative and qualitative research to provide you with factual, reliable information to help your decision making.

Projects are client-tailored and can be company-, industry-, or country-specific, including research on economic and political issues and monetary and fiscal policies. We perform detailed market research and serve as overseas clients' eyes and ears on the ground in our markets. Tailored research can be done on an ad-hoc basis or as ongoing, regular reporting.


For over 25 years, benchmarking has been one of the most useful business improvement tools available to thoughtful managers. Opera Advisors director Robert Boxwell is one of benchmarking's pioneers. The author of Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage, (McGraw-Hill, New York), Bob has trained and helped thousands of people in business, government, and education to use benchmarking correctly and to realize its full benefits.

Our benchmarking and tailored research can take a variety of forms, from high-level industry and competitive analyses to deep dives into company operations, all aimed at giving clients accurate, timely, and actionable data and analysis. We have experience across a variety of industries and functions. Our principals and affiliates are experts in their fields with outstanding professional and academic backgrounds. We bring years of deep, practical experience to help our clients grow, develop their key personnel, and become more profitable. We work with clients in both the private and public sectors in industries ranging from financial services, retailing, and transportation to health care, oil and gas, and manufacturing.